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Abel, Charles D.Etchings  
Achelis, Elizabeth Impressions 
Achelis, Frederic George Impressions 
Adler, Blanche Impressions 
Agnew, Thomas Impressions 
Ainsworth, Mrs C. Impressions 
Alexander, Cicely HenriettaEtchings Biography
Alexander, Ethel Impressions 
Alexander, Rachel Impressions 
Alexander, William CleverlyEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Alford, Mrs O. H. Impressions 
Allen, Charlotte Whitney Impressions 
Allen, Frank Fenlason Impressions 
Andrews, William LoringEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Angus, J. CraibeEtchings Biography
Angus, William CraibeEtchings Biography
Armstrong, ThomasEtchings Biography
Arnold, Ernst ImpressionsBiography
Arthur, Thomas GlenEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Astruc, ZacharieEtchings Biography
Avery, Samuel PutnamEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Axenfeld, HeinrichEtchings Biography
Babbott, Frank LuskEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Bacher, Otto HenryEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Baddeley, Welbore St ClairEtchings Biography
Ball, Wilfred WilliamsEtchings Biography
Barclay, Mrs Thomas Impressions 
Barclay, Thomas Impressions 
Barr, RobertEtchings Biography
Barrion, Alfred Impressions 
Bartfield, Mrs William D. Impressions 
Barthe, VictorEtchings Biography
Baudelaire, CharlesEtchings Biography
Baumgarten, Alma Impressions 
Bazille, Jean FredericEtchings  
Beatty, John W. ImpressionsBiography
Beavis, RichardEtchings Biography
Bechtel, Edward Impressions 
Becker, David P. ImpressionsBiography
Becker, Mr and Mrs John A. Impressions 
Beckley, Joseph DeVries Impressions 
Beckley, Louise K. Impressions 
Becquet, JustEtchings Biography
Behrens, Lottie V. Impressions 
Bell, WilliamEtchings Biography
Bellows, Robert P. Impressions 
Benedict, HenryEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Berle, Beatrice Bishop Impressions 
Beurdeley, AlfredEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Bing, SiegfriedEtchings Biography
Bishop, Cortland F. Impressions 
Bixby, William KeeneyEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Black, Helene B. Impressions 
Blake, W.E.Etchings  
Bliss, Mrs G. T. Impressions 
Bliss, Mrs Robert Impressions 
Bliss, Susan DwightEtchingsImpressions 
Blum, Robert FrederickEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Bodman, Herbert and Ellen Fairbanks Impressions 
Boehm, Joseph EdgarEtchings Biography
Bogert, Walter Impressions 
Bonvin, FrançoisEtchings Biography
Boon, Jan ImpressionsBiography
Booth, Dorothy E. Impressions 
Booth, Ralph H.EtchingsImpressions 
Bowles, Thomas GibsonEtchings Biography
Bracquemond, Joseph AugusteEtchings Biography
Bradlee, Mrs JosiahEtchings  
Braine, WoodhouseEtchings  
Bramhall, George W.Etchings Biography
Breitner, George HendrikEtchings Biography
Brewster, Walter S.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Bronson, EdithEtchings Biography
Brown, Ernest GeorgeEtchings Biography
Brown, Thomas Neilson Impressions 
Buckingham, ClarenceEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Buell, Margaret C. Impressions 
Bullard, Ellen Twisleton Impressions 
Bullard, FrancisEtchingsImpressions 
Bullard, William Norton Impressions 
Burke, Henry G. Impressions 
Burty, PhilippeEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Bustin, W. H.EtchingsImpressions 
Cadart, AlfredEtchings Biography
Cadogan, George HenryEtchings Biography
Cadwalader, JohnEtchings  
Caird, James KeyEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Caldwell, John (fl. 1894-1900)EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Callander, Ivy Lee Impressions 
Cameron, David YoungEtchings Biography
Campbell, DodgsonEtchings  
Campbell, Douglas H. Impressions 
Campbell, Gertrude Elizabeth (Lady Colin)Etchings Biography
Campbell, Ian Impressions 
Canaletto, AntonioEtchings Biography
Carey, Jane C. Impressions 
Carl, William P. Impressions 
Carle, Robert W. Impressions 
Carolus-Duran, Émile-AugusteEtchings Biography
Carroll, Robert Impressions 
Carter, Walter SteubenEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Casson, Mrs. John Impressions 
Castagnary, Jules AntoineEtchings Biography
Caw, James Lewis ImpressionsBiography
Chapman, AlfredEtchings Biography
Chapman, William P. JrEtchingsImpressions 
Charrington, John ImpressionsBiography
Churcher, W. G.Etchings  
Claghorn, J.L.Etchings  
Clark, Francine Impressions 
Clark, Willard G. Impressions 
Clegg, John TravisEtchings  
Clowes, WinchesterEtchings Biography
Cody, William FrederickEtchings Biography
Coffin, Charles A. ImpressionsBiography
Cole, Alan SummerlyEtchings Biography
Colquhune, G.Etchings  
Colvin, SidneyEtchings Biography
Cone, Mrs Caesar Impressions 
Conroy, Thomas F. Impressions 
Cooke, Gordon Impressions 
Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson, jrEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Cooper, A.E. Impressions 
Corder, Rosa FrancesEtchings Biography
Cornwell, Patricia Impressions 
Cosson, Paul Impressions 
Courbet, Gustave  Biography
Cowdrey, Mary Bartlett Impressions 
Cox, James CoxEtchings  
Craig, Clayton Bion Impressions 
Crossett, Edward C. Impressions 
Cummer, Ninah M. H. Impressions 
Cundell, Wilfrid M.Etchings  
Cunningham, Charles C.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Curtis, AllenEtchings  
Curtis, AthertonEtchingsImpressions 
Curtis, Mr and Mrs Horatio GreenoughEtchingsImpressions 
Curtis, Ralph Wormeley  Biography
Cutting,, Mrs W. B. Impressions 
Dailey, Louis B. ImpressionsBiography
Dane, Edward Impressions 
Dane, Edwards, Mrs Impressions 
Dawson, ElizabethEtchings Biography
Day, John Charles SigismundEtchingsImpressionsBiography
De Wolf, Wallace L. Impressions 
Dealy, Jane Mary ImpressionsBiography
Deering, CharlesEtchingsImpressions 
Degas, Hilaire-Germain-EdgarEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Delâtre, AugusteEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Delannoy, ErnestEtchings Biography
Delteil, Loys-Henri ImpressionsBiography
Deprez, Edmund F.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Desboutin, Marcellin-GilbertEtchings Biography
Dewing, Thomas WilmerEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Dick, Harry BrisbaneEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Dickens, CharlesEtchings Biography
Dickerman, W. B.EtchingsImpressions 
Doré, Paul Gustave L. C.Etchings Biography
Doty, Robert and Jean Impressions 
Doucet, JacquesEtchingsImpressions 
Dowdeswell, CharlesEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Dowdeswell, Charles William ImpressionsBiography
Dowdeswell, WalterEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Dows, TraceEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Doyle, RichardEtchings Biography
Drake, WilliamEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Drake, William RichardEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Draper, Anna Palmer Draper Impressions 
Drew, Lear JamesEtchings  
Drouet, Charles L.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Du Maurier, GeorgeEtchings Biography
Dunn, A. HomeyerEtchings  
Dunthorne, RobertEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Duret, ThéodoreEtchings Biography
Dutcher, Judson S.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Duveneck, FrankEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Eastlake, Charles LockEtchings Biography
Eddy, Charles B. ImpressionsBiography
Edwards, EdwinEtchings Biography
Edwards, Elizabeth RuthEtchings Biography
Egginton, Mrs Hersey Impressions 
Ellingwood, Charles H. Impressions 
Elliot, EdwardEtchings  
Ellis, Frederick StandridgeEtchings Biography
Ellis, George H.Etchings Biography
Eloise [surname unknown]Etchings Biography
Elton, J. P. Impressions 
Emge, Ludwig A. Impressions 
England, Priscilla Impressions 
Estabrook, John Nichols, and Dorothy Coogan Estabrook ImpressionsBiography
Evershed, Arthur EvershedEtchings Biography
Fagan, Louis AlexanderEtchings Biography
Fairbanks, Ellen Impressions 
Fairchild, George E.Etchings  
Fantin-Latour, Ignace Henri J. T.Etchings Biography
Feinberg, Charles E. Impressions 
Field, Stanley Impressions 
Field, William Bradhurst Osgood ImpressionsBiography
Figgins, Weston P. and Rebecca P. Impressions 
Finette, [surname unknown]Etchings Biography
Fioupou, JosephEtchings  
Fisher, Beth ImpressionsBiography
Fitch, George Hopper Impressions 
Fitz, Mrs ScottEtchings  
Fitzhugh, Marion E. and William M. Impressions 
Fitzpatrick, Herbert Impressions 
Flather, John Impressions 
Flower, WickhamEtchings Biography
Forbes, Stanhope AlexanderEtchingsImpressionsBiography
ForbespLeith, Alexander JohnEtchings  
Forsyth, RobertEtchingsImpressions 
Franklin, MaudEtchings Biography
Freer, Charles LangEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Frick, Henry ClayEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Friedman, Lee M. Impressions 
Friedman, Harry G. Impressions 
Frimet, Gilbert M. Impressions 
Gale, Ira D. Impressions 
Gallatin, Albert EugeneEtchings Biography
Gallatin, R. Horace Impressions 
Gardner, Esther Impressions 
Gardner, Isabella StewartEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Gardner, Robert Impressions 
Garrett, John WorkEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Garrett, Robert and Thomas Harrison Impressions 
Garwood, Susan Impressions 
Gauguin, PaulEtchings Biography
Gavarni, PaulEtchings Biography
Gerard, MereEtchings Biography
Gerbeau, JulesEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Gere, Mrs Katherine Gale Impressions 
Gerstenberg, OttoEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Gilchrist, MatildaEtchings Biography
Godwin, Edward WilliamEtchings Biography
Goldschmidt, Lucien Impressions 
Gomperz, Marie Impressions 
Gonse, LouisEtchings Biography
Goodfriend, C. and J. Impressions 
Goss, Nancy D. and Lane W. Impressions 
Gosse, Edmund William ImpressionsBiography
Gosse, Silvia (Sylvia) Impressions 
Gosselin, EdmondEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Gottschalk, E.Etchings  
Goulding, FrederickEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Gow, LeonardEtchingsImpressions 
Goya y Lucientes, Francisco JoséEtchings Biography
Graves, HenryEtchings Biography
Gray, E. H. Impressions 
Greaves, Alice FayEtchings Biography
Greaves, WalterEtchings Biography
Greig, James Impressions 
Gretchen [surname unknown]Etchings Biography
Gribbill, MissEtchings  
Guggenheim, Robert Jr Impressions 
Guichard, Kenneth Mackinnon Impressions 
Guild, Alden Impressions 
Gutekunst, OttoEtchings Biography
Gutekunst, Richard ImpressionsBiography
Haden, Annie HarrietEtchings Biography
Haden, Arthur CharlesEtchings Biography
Haden, Charles S. Impressions 
Haden, Deborah DelanoEtchings Biography
Haden, Francis Seymour, JrEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Haden, Francis Seymour, SrEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Hahlo, Arthur H. Impressions 
Halle, Stanley J. Impressions 
Hamerton, Philip GilbertEtchings Biography
Hamill, Alfred E. Impressions 
Hammond, George Impressions 
Hanna, Leonard C. Jr Impressions 
Hanson, Charles J. WhistlerEtchings Biography
Harrington, H. NazebyEtchingsImpressions 
Harris (fl. 1895) Impressions 
Harris, Leon Impressions 
Hartshorne, R.EtchingsImpressions 
Hartshorne, RobertEtchings  
Hauslohner, Mrs Robert A. Impressions 
Havemeyer, Henry ImpressionsBiography
Havemeyer, Louisine WaldronEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Hays, Lydia S. Impressions 
Healy, A. AugustusEtchingsImpressions 
Hecker, Frank J.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Hedderly, JamesEtchings Biography
Heinemann, WilliamEtchings Biography
Hemenway, Mrs M. Impressions 
Henley, William ErnestEtchings Biography
Herr, Edwin M. Impressions 
Heseltine, John PostleEtchings Biography
Heywood, James JohnEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Hiffernan, Bridget AgnesEtchings Biography
Hiffernan, JoannaEtchings Biography
Higginson, HenryEtchingsImpressions 
Hill, Edith Impressions 
Hill, Walter M.EtchingsImpressions 
Hiroshige, AndoEtchings Biography
Hirsh, Mrs Matthew H. Impressions 
Hochschild, Harold K.EtchingsImpressions 
Hodson, Laurence W.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Hoe, Richard March ImpressionsBiography
Hofer, Myron Arms ImpressionsBiography
Hofer, Philip Impressions 
Hogarth, WilliamEtchings Biography
Hokusai, KatsushikaEtchings  
Holden, Mrs E. B.EtchingsImpressions 
Hollister, Mrs Granger A. Impressions 
Holmes, Richard RivingtonEtchings Biography
Hood, George Percy JacombEtchings Biography
Howe, FisherEtchings  
Howell, Charles AugustusEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Howell, Warren R. Impressions 
Hoyt, Charles B. Impressions 
Hubbard, Gardiner GreeneEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Huish, Marcus BourneEtchings Biography
Hutchinson, Joshua HutchinsonEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Huth, Helen RoseEtchings Biography
Hutton, Elsie Celeste Impressions 
Ingle, FredEtchings  
Ingram, G. I.Etchings  
Innes, Ernest C.EtchingsImpressions 
Innes, Gilbert Impressions 
Ionides, AlexanderEtchings Biography
Ionides, Alexander ConstantineEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Ionides, Constantine AlexanderEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Irving, HenryEtchings Biography
Isham, Samuel Impressions 
Jackson, Dora Impressions 
Jacocks, William Picard Impressions 
Jacque, CharlesEtchings  
Jacquemart, Jules-FerdinandEtchingsImpressionsBiography
James, Edward Impressions 
James, HayllarEtchings  
James, HenryEtchings Biography
Jarvis, Lewis PageEtchings Biography
Jones, Herschel V. Impressions 
Jones, J. GarnockEtchings  
Josefowitz, Samuel ImpressionsBiography
Josey, RichardEtchings Biography
Joshua, SamuelEtchings Biography
Käsebier, Gertrude StantonEtchings Biography
Kainen, Ruth Cole Impressions 
Kamperman, Dr and Mrs George Impressions 
Keen, Ernest Henry Impressions 
Keep, Albert and Mary Impressions 
Kellen, William Vail Impressions 
Keller, K.T. Impressions 
Kennedy, David A.Etchings Biography
Kennedy, Edward GuthrieEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Kent, Edward H. Impressions 
Keppel, David Impressions 
Keppel, FrederickEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Key, John RossEtchings Biography
King, Helen L. Impressions 
King, JamesEtchings  
King, RalphEtchings  
King, Wilson ImpressionsBiography
Knapp, Mrs H. K. Impressions 
Knoedler, Roland F.EtchingsImpressions 
Knowles, Charles JohnEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Knowles, Guy John F.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Knowles, James ThomasEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Koehler, RobertEtchings Biography
Koehler, Sylverter RosaEtchingsImpressions 
Kraushaar, Charles W. Impressions 
La Monte, G. M. Impressions 
Labelye, CharlesEtchings  
Lalanne, MaximeEtchings Biography
Lalauze, AdolpheEtchings Biography
Lalouette, EugénieEtchings  
Lamb, Miss Aimee and Miss Rosamund Impressions 
Lamont, Thomas ReynoldsEtchings Biography
Lathrop, BryanEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Lauser, GustaveEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Law, DavidEtchings Biography
Lawson, Cecil Gordon  Biography
Lawson, ConstanceEtchings Biography
Le Secq, Jean-Louis Henri ImpressionsBiography
Leach, AlfredEtchings  
Lebowich, Louis Aaron Impressions 
Leech, JohnEtchings Biography
Legros, AlphonseEtchings Biography
Lehr, Marie ConradEtchingsImpressions 
Leiter, Levi ZieglerEtchings Biography
Lenoir, HelenEtchings Biography
Lewis, Arthur JamesEtchings Biography
Lewis, ElisabethEtchings Biography
Lewis, George HenryEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Lewis, K. E. Impressions 
Lewis, R.E. Impressions 
Leyland, ElinorEtchings Biography
Leyland, FannyEtchings Biography
Leyland, FlorenceEtchings Biography
Leyland, FrancesEtchings Biography
Leyland, Frederick RichardsEtchings Biography
Light, Robert M. Impressions 
Lilienthal, Theodore M Impressions 
Littauer, J.EtchingsImpressions 
Livingston, H. B. Impressions 
Lockhart, Dr and Mrs James H. Jr Impressions 
Loder, Robert ImpressionsBiography
Lonsdale, Beryl Impressions 
Lorillard, P. Impressions 
Lucas, George AloysiusEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Lumsden, Ernest StephenEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Lumsden, Mrs Ernest Stephen Impressions 
Lunder, Paula Impressions 
Lunder, Peter H Impressions 
Méryon, CharlesEtchings Biography
Mabury, Bella Impressions 
MacCrone. E. E. Impressions 
MacGeorge, Bernard BuchananEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Mack, Gerstle Impressions 
Maclachlan, Jean Impressions 
Macomber, Frank GairEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Mallarmé, StéphaneEtchings Biography
Manet, EdouardEtchings Biography
Manges, Julia S. Impressions 
Mansfield, HowardEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Manuel, MrsEtchings  
Marquand, Henry GordonEtchings  
Marsh, ErnestEtchingsImpressions 
Marshall, Julian Impressions 
Martin, Emma R.EtchingsImpressions 
Marton, J.A. Impressions 
Marzetti, Edith EmmaEtchings Biography
Mascha, Ottokar Impressions 
Matthews, HenryEtchings Biography
Maus, OctaveEtchings Biography
Mayer, Gustavus ImpressionsBiography
McCallum, James A.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
McCarron, Paul Impressions 
McLean, Thomas M.Etchings Biography
Meeks, Everett V. Impressions 
Meier, HermannEtchingsImpressions 
Mendez, Christopher Impressions 
Menpes, Mortimer LuddingtonEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Menpes, Rosa MaryEtchings Biography
Merrill, H. C. Impressions 
Meux, Henry BruceEtchings Biography
Meux, Valerie SusanEtchings Biography
Meyer, Mary Impressions 
Michelin, Jules Impressions 
Middleton-Wake, Charles Henry ImpressionsBiography
Miles, A. E.Etchings  
Miles, George Francis   
Millais, John EverettEtchings Biography
Millar, Elizabeth Impressions 
Millet, Jean BaptisteEtchings Biography
Millet, Jean FrançoisEtchings Biography
Mills, W. F.Etchings  
Monet, Claude OscarEtchings Biography
Montesquiou-Fezensac, Robert deEtchings Biography
Moore, Albert JosephEtchings Biography
Moore, GeorgeEtchings Biography
Morton, J. L. Impressions 
Mott, EmilyEtchings  
Mourey, GabrielEtchings Biography
Mulder, Frederick Impressions 
Mullan, Read Impressions 
Mullins, B. and H. Lane Impressions 
Munn, G. F.Etchings  
Murphy, George and Annette Cross Impressions 
Murray, David Impressions 
Nadar, FélixEtchings Biography
Nagel, Charles Jr Impressions 
Nelson, Sylvia Impressions 
Newborg, Agnes Impressions 
Nieuwenhuis, Adriaan Jacobus Domela Impressions 
Noseda, JaneEtchings Biography
Nutter, George Impressions 
Obach, CharlesEtchingsImpressions 
Orchar, James GuthrieEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Oyly-Carte, Richard D'Etchings Biography
Paine, Robert Treat II Impressions 
Painter, H. McM. Impressions 
Palmer, Berthe Honorée ImpressionsBiography
Palmer, P. K.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Pamington, LillieEtchings Biography
Papaharis, Linda Impressions 
Parker, Harvey Impressions 
Parker, Margaret WatsonEtchingsImpressions 
Parsons, A. J.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Paul, Dennis Impressions 
Payne, S.Etchings  
Pell, Herbert and Claiborne ImpressionsBiography
Pellegrini, CarloEtchings Biography
Pennell, Elizabeth RobinsEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Pennell, JosephEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Pennington, R. G. HarperEtchings Biography
Peppel, Florence Kirk Impressions 
Peraloh, FrançoisEtchings Biography
Perilman, Nathan A. Impressions 
Perkins, Mrs Herbert F.EtchingsImpressions 
Perl, Mac Impressions 
Petitdidier, Georges ImpressionsBiography
Pettigrew, BessieEtchings Biography
Pettigrew, LilianEtchings Biography
Pettigrew, Rose AmyEtchings Biography
Philip, EthelEtchings Biography
Philip, FrancesEtchings Biography
Philip, John BirnieEtchings Biography
Philip, Ronald MurrayEtchings Biography
Philip, Rosalind BirnieEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Pilkington, Denis F. Impressions 
Pocock, Noel L.Etchings  
Poel, Priscilla Paine van der Impressions 
Pollitt, Herbert CharlesEtchings Biography
Pollock, Sir John Donald Impressions 
Ponsonby-Fane, Spencer C. B.Etchings Biography
Pope, Alfred AtmoreEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Pope, Theodate ImpressionsBiography
Potamkin, Meyer P. Impressions 
Potter, John Gerald ImpressionsBiography
Poynter, Edward JohnEtchings Biography
Pratt, Mary Impressions 
Pratt, Mr and Mrs Herbert W. Impressions 
Prentiss, Mrs F.F. Impressions 
Prosser, SewardEtchings  
Pugh, Grace M. Impressions 
Pullan, EdwardEtchings  
Quick, H. L. Impressions 
Quilter, HenryEtchings Biography
Rabinowtiz, Hannah D. Impressions 
Randall, John W. Impressions 
Rathbone, Philip HenryEtchings Biography
Rawlinson, William GeorgeEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Reid, George WilliamEtchings Biography
Rembrandt Harmens van RijnEtchings Biography
Renoir, Pierre AugusteEtchings Biography
Revillon, Joseph WhistlerEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Riault, PaulEtchings  
Rice, Robert Impressions 
Richardson, E. P. Impressions 
Richardson, Emeline Hill ImpressionsBiography
Richardson, Mrs Lawrence Impressions 
Riches, Mrs T. H.EtchingsImpressions 
Richter, Emil Impressions 
Ridley, Matthew WhiteEtchings Biography
Riggs, Alfred R. and Henry G. Impressions 
Rixon, W. A..Etchings  
Rodd, James RennellEtchings Biography
Roose, Jacquline Impressions 
Rops, Félicien J. V.Etchings Biography
Rose, James AndersonEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Rose, Milton C Impressions 
Rosen, Dr Emanuel F. and Mrs Thelma R. Impressions 
Rosenwald, Lessing J.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Ross, Denman Impressions 
Ross, T. Edward Impressions 
Rossetti, Dante GabrielEtchings Biography
Roullier, AlbertEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Roussel, ThéodoreEtchings Biography
Roux, Léopold Gustave Impressions 
Ruskin, JohnEtchings Biography
Russell, Robert Howard ImpressionsBiography
Ryerson, Martin Antoine ImpressionsBiography
Sachs, Edna H. Impressions 
Sala, George AugustusEtchings Biography
Sale, James and Janet Impressions 
Salmon, Émile FrédéricEtchings Biography
Sarasate y Navascues, Pablo deEtchings Biography
Sargent, William A.EtchingsImpressions 
Schabelitz, Rudolph F. Impressions 
Schapiro, Morris Impressions 
Scholderer, OttoEtchings  
Scholle, A. W.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Schrank, Harris Impressions 
Schulman, Susan Impressions 
Schwartz, Lois Levy Impressions 
Scott, William BellEtchings Biography
Seaver, Henry L. Impressions 
Seidlitz, Woldemar vonEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Severn, WalterEtchings Biography
Sewall, H.EtchingsImpressions 
Shartel, Mrs John Impressions 
Shepherd, N.Etchings  
Short, Francis JobEtchings Biography
Short, Harold A. Impressions 
Shuntosai, OkadaEtchings  
Sickert, Walter RichardEtchings Biography
Simes,Mrs William Impressions 
Singleton, Charles James, JrEtchings Biography
Sloane-Kinney, WilliamEtchings  
Smith, Andrew and Eileen Impressions 
Smith, Hal G. Impressions 
Smith, JamesEtchingsImpressions 
Smith, William (1808-1876)Etchings Biography
Smythe, A.Etchings  
Sparks, NathanielEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Sparrow, Walter ShawEtchings  
Spink, Nesta Impressions 
Stearns, Mrs William F. Impressions 
Stebbins, Theodore E. Jr Impressions 
Stein, Walter Impressions 
Steinlen, Théophile AlexandreEtchings Biography
Sterling, Robert Impressions 
Stern, Lucie Impressions 
Stimson, Candace C. Impressions 
Stocker, John E. Impressions 
Stott, WilliamEtchings Biography
Strölin, AlfredEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Straeter, V. Impressions 
Stride, Arthur L.Etchings  
Studd, Arthur HaythorneEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Swinburne, Algernon CharlesEtchings Biography
Talleur, John and Ann Impressions 
Taylor, ThomasEtchings Biography
Tenney, W.L. Impressions 
Tenniel, JohnEtchings Biography
Terra, Daniel J. ImpressionsBiography
Thayer, Ruth Bayard ImpressionsBiography
Thayer, Scofield Impressions 
Theobald, Henry StuddyEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Thibaudeau, Alphonse WyattEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Thomas, ArthurEtchings  
Thomas, EdmundEtchings Biography
Thomas, PercyEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Thomas, Ralph, JrEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Thomas, Ralph, SrEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Thompson, Elizabeth ImpressionsBiography
Thompson, George K. Impressions 
Thompson, Henry ImpressionsBiography
Thompson, Henry Francis HerbertEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Thompson, James PykeEtchings  
Thomson, H. W.Etchings  
Thomson, LeslieEtchings  
Tilghman, Charles C. Impressions 
Tissot, Jacques JosephEtchings Biography
Tonkin, L. M. Impressions 
Touzalin, Mrs ImpressionsBiography
Tower, Elizabeth S. Impressions 
Townsend, J. P.EtchingsImpressions 
Traer, James ReevesEtchings Biography
Travis, Eileen Impressions 
Tucker, James Impressions 
Tunick, David Impressions 
Uihlen, Henry II Impressions 
Valentin (fl. 1867)Etchings  
Van Houten, George Impressions 
Vanderbilt, George WashingtonEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Velten, HansEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Veltin, MissEtchingsImpressions 
Victoria, QueenEtchings Biography
Vosmaer, CarelEtchings Biography
Wade, Helena Mein Impressions 
Wainwright, Vera Stacey Impressions 
Walk, Sybil A. Impressions 
Walker, Mrs W. Impressions 
Waller, Franco's GerardEtchings  
Walte, Paul F. Impressions 
Walters, Henry ImpressionsBiography
Wampler, ClaudeEtchings  
Warburg, Felix M. Impressions 
Watts, Walter TheodoreEtchings Biography
Watts, William A.Etchings  
Way, T. A. Impressions 
Way, ThomasEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Way, Thomas RobertEtchings Biography
Webb, Electra Havemeyer Impressions 
Webb, Mrs J. Watson ImpressionsBiography
Webb, WilliamEtchings Biography
Webster, George H. Impressions 
Webster, John Clarence Impressions 
Webster, William Lusk Impressions 
Webster,Alice Lusk Impressions 
Wedmore, FrederickEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Weil, Adolph Jr Impressions 
Weir, Julian AldenEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Weir, Robert WalterEtchings Biography
Wetmore, Fanny Impressions 
Weyer, Louise Van deEtchings  
Whistler, Anna MatildaEtchings Biography
Whistler, BeatriceEtchings Biography
Whistler, HelenEtchings Biography
Whistler, James McNeillEtchings Biography
Whistler, William McNeillEtchings Biography
Whittemore, Arthur HarrisEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Whittemore, Harris G, JrEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Whittemore, John HowardEtchings Biography
Whittemore, Robert N. Impressions 
Wiggen, Albert HenryEtchingsImpressions 
Wilde, OscarEtchings Biography
Willard, Helen Impressions 
Williams, Lewis B. Impressions 
Williams, R. W.Etchings  
Wilmot, Willis G. Impressions 
Wilson, Charles R. (Mrs) Impressions 
Wilson, Dr and Mrs Henry B Impressions 
Wilson, John W.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Winans, Celeste Marguerite ImpressionsBiography
Winans, Ross RevillonEtchings Biography
Winans, Thomas de KayEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Wisselingh., Elbert Jan VanEtchings Biography
Witt, Theodore deEtchingsImpressions 
Wolseley, Garnet JosephEtchings Biography
Wood, Arthur MacdougallEtchings  
Worthington, RichardEtchings  
Wrenn, EthelEtchingsImpressions 
Wrenn, John HenryEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Wright, Harold J. L.EtchingsImpressionsBiography
Wright, Isobel Impressions 
Wunderlich, HermannEtchingsImpressionsBiography
Wyllie, William Lionel  Biography
Yates, Edmund HodgsonEtchings Biography
Zelman, Anita Impressions 
Zelman, J. L. and Zelman, A. Impressions 
Zola, Émile Édouard Charles AntoineEtchings Biography
Zuckerman, Nellie Impressions 
Zurcher, Paula Impressions