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The catalogue raisonné catalogue numbers collated with those in earlier catalogues of Whistler's etchings:
Kennedy, Edward G., 'The Etched Work of Whistler', New York, 1910;
Mansfield, Howard, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Etchings and Dry-Points of J.A.McN. Whistler', Chicago, 1909;
Wedmore, Frederick, 'Whistler's Etchings: a Study and a Catalogue', London, 1899;
Thomas, Ralph, 'A Catalogue of the Etchings and Drypoints of J.A.McN. Whistler', London, 1874.

Glasgow number and titleKennedyMansfieldThomasWedmore
1Sketches on the Coast Survey Plate001001-(not in Wedmore)
2Anacapa IslandApp. IApp. I-(not in Wedmore)
3Au Sixième003002-(not in Wedmore)
4The Dutchman Holding A Glass004003(not in Thomas)003
5Portrait of Whistler007009-001
6Annie Haden with Books008010-002
8Little Arthur009007008013
9Seymour Haden, Jr, Seated029006016022
10Seymour, Standing006005-(not in Wedmore)
11En Plein Soleil015012004006
14Street at Saverne019018007011
15Sketch of Houses161158-(not in Wedmore)
16The Kitchen024024013019
17The Miser069069062065
18The Unsafe Tenement017017005007
19The Dog on the Kennel018018020008
20La Marchande de Moutarde022022011016
21Gretchen at Heidelberg020020(not in Thomas)012
22The Title Page for 'Douze Eaux Fortes d'après Nature'025025001020
23An Artist Sketching025½--(not in Wedmore)
24La Mère Gérard011013006009
25La Mère Gérard, Stooping012014(not in Thomas)010
26La Rétameuse014011003005
27La Vieille aux Loques021021009014
28Auguste Delâtre, Printer026026014021
29Rag Pickers, Quartier Mouffetard, Paris023023031017
31Trees in a Park002App. III-(not in Wedmore)
32Annie, Seated030029050024
33Bibi Lalouette051051030030
34Bibi Valentin050050026028
35C. L. Drouet, Sculptor055055055053
36Z. Astruc, Editor of 'L'Artiste'053053066049
37Reading by Lamplight032030024025
38The Wine Glass027026028031
39The Music Room033031022026
40Greenwich Pensioner034033015032
41Greenwich Park035034018033
42Nursemaid and Child037036021034
43The Slipper028028029029
44Whistler with a hat054054065052
45Landscape with Horses036035023046
46Thames Warehouses038037042035
47Old Westminster Bridge039038036036
49The Pool043042047041
50Eagle Wharf041040040039
52Longshore men045044045043
53Thames Police044043043042
54Black Lion Wharf042041035040
55The Lime-Burner046045038044
56Stevens' Boat Yard048047(not in Thomas)038
57A Sketch of Shipping151048(not in Thomas)127
58Fumette's Bent Head057057(not in Thomas)051
59Fumette, Standing056056061050
62J. Becquet, Sculptor052052054048
63Isle de la Cité, Paris060060019055
64Soupe à trois sous049049025027
65Ratcliffe Highway080081063074
66Arthur Haden061061059047
67Annie Haden062062051057
69Riault (The Wood Engraver)065065058062
71Penny Passengers, Limehouse067067-059
72Ross Winans088088067076
73Portrait of a man063063072058
74The Little Rotherhithe073072049071
75Vauxhall Bridge070070046066
76Old Hungerford Bridge076076037080
77Westminster Bridge in Progress072074-070
79The Little Pool074073048072
80The Camp082082(not in Thomas)075
81The Storm081083074077
82The Punt085086085068
83Sketching086087(not in Thomas)069
84Sketching, No. 2087085-(not in Wedmore)
85Landscape with Fisherman083084-(not in Wedmore)
86The Forge068068057063
88Jo's Bent Head078078-(not in Wedmore)
89The Open Book084079-(not in Wedmore)
91Lady in an armchair079080-(not in Wedmore)
94Brushing the Hair093093-(not in Wedmore)
95Battersea Dawn (Cadogan Pier)075075064079
96Battersea Reach090090-(not in Wedmore)
97Chelsea Wharf089089075081
98The Sail157154-(not in Wedmore)
99Amsterdam, from the Tolhuis091091082082
100Shipping at Liverpool094094-084
101Speke Hall: The Avenue096095-086
102Chelsea Bridge and Church095096053085
103Whistler's Mother097099-088
104Model Seated118117-103
105The Old Swan Brewery, Chelsea098097-089
106Fusco099098(not in Thomas)090
107A Man Reading137136-(not in Wedmore)
109Draped Model100118080087
110The Model Lying Down121120-107
112Reading a Book111110-097
113Tillie: A Model117116-102
114Nude Woman Standing, hand on hip128125-(not in Wedmore)
115Nude Girl with Arms Raised129126-(not in Wedmore)
116The Letter (Maud, seated)115114-100
117Miss Alexander139137-(not in Wedmore)
118A Lady wearing a hat with a feather130129-(not in Wedmore)
119The Little Velvet Dress106106-092
120The Velvet Dress (Mrs Leyland)105105076091
121F. R. Leyland102103-093
122Portrait sketches including F.R. Leyland and Whistler101102-(not in Wedmore)
123Mrs Leyland, Sr.103104-(not in Wedmore 1886)
124The Guitar Player (M.W. Ridley)140138-122
125Nude Posing127124-(not in Wedmore)
126Nude Reclining126123-113
127Sleeping Girl125122-112
128Girl Lying Down124121-(not in Wedmore)
129The Desk133131-104
131The Muff113112-126
132House-roofs (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
133The Dam Wood145143-120
135Fanny Leyland108107077094
136Florence Leyland110109079096
137Elinor Leyland109108078095
138Sketches of Heads104101-(not in Wedmore)
139Speke Shore144142-119
140Speke Hall143141-(not in Wedmore)
141The Little Forge, Liverpool147145-115
142Shipbuilder's Yard, Liverpool146144-121
143The Two Ships148146-116
144The Piano141139-117
145The Boy (Charlie Hanson)135133-109
147The Scotch Widow142140-118
148A Lady at a Window138135-111
150The Beach, Hastings116100-101
151The Silk Dress107115-(not in Wedmore)
152Girl Standing131130-(not in Wedmore)
153Sketches of a Girl and a Woman122128-108
154Little Smithfield160157-078
155Steamboat Fleet, Chelsea156153-(not in Wedmore 1886)
156Steamboats off the Tower149147-114
157Battersea: Early Morning152149-129
158Irving as Philip of Spain, No. 1170167-139
159Irving as Philip of Spain, No. 2171168-139
161Lindsey Houses166162-136
162Whistler with the White Lock172169-142
163Fishing Boats, Hastings158155-131
164Pickle Herring Wharf167163-137
165From Billingsgate168164-130
166Price's Candle Factory154151-124
167The Tiny Pool173170-073
168Under Old Battersea Bridge176173(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore 1886)
169Maud, Standing114113-099
171Free Trade Wharf163160-134
172London Bridge153150-123
173Greenhithe165161(not in Thomas)135
174Battersea Morn155152-125
175Temple Bar162159-133
176Wych Street, London159156-132
177Sir Garnet Wolseley164166-138
178St James's Street169165-140
179Custom House150148-128
180Wapping - The Pool174171-143
181Chelsea182179(not in Thomas)148
182The 'Adam and Eve', Old Chelsea175172(not in Thomas)144
183Fitzroy SquareApp. IIIApp. IV-(not in Wedmore)
184Hurlingham181178(not in Thomas)147
185Old Putney Bridge178175(not in Thomas)145
186Little Putney Bridge179176(not in Thomas)146
187The Little Putney180177(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore 1886)
188Old Battersea Bridge177174(not in Thomas)141
189Venetian Court230227-(not in Wedmore)
190The Beggars194191-159
191Doorway and Vine196193-161
192The Dyer219216-189
193The Doorway188185(not in Thomas)154
194The Garden210207-180
195Wool Carders221218-191
196The Little Mast185182(not in Thomas)151
197Venetian Water Carrier232229-(not in Wedmore)
198The Fishing Boat208205-178
199The Rialto211208-181
200Nocturne: Palaces202199-168
201The Bridge, Santa Marta204201-171
202The Balcony207204-177
203Nocturne: Salute226223-199
204Islands: Evening222219-193
205Murano - Glass Furnace217214-187
206Nocturne Shipping223220-194
207Salute Dawn215212-185
208Nocturne: Furnace213210-183
209Lagoon - Noon216213-186
210Little Salute220217-190
211Long Venice212209-182
212The Steamboat, Venice228225-(not in Wedmore)
213Venice231228-(not in Wedmore)
214San Giorgio201198-167
215Long Lagoon203200-169
216The Little Lagoon186183(not in Thomas)152
217Shipping, Venice229226-(not in Wedmore)
218The Piazzetta189186(not in Thomas)155
219The Venetian Mast195192-160
220Ponte del Piovan209206-179
221The Two Doorways193190-158
222Nocturne184181(not in Thomas)150
223The Palaces187184(not in Thomas)153
224Quiet Canal214211-184
225Fruit Stall200197-166
226The Fish Shop, Venice218215-188
227Gondola under a Bridge227224-(not in Wedmore)
229The Riva192189-157
230Riva, No. 2206203-175
231Traghetto190187(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
232Upright Venice205202-172
233The Traghetto, No. 2191188-156
234Old Women224221-195
235Bead Stringers198195-164
237San Biagio197194-163
238The Little Venice183180(not in Thomas)149
239The Smithy240237-197
241Lobster Pots - Selsea Bill235233-174
242Regent's Quadrant239235-192
243Drury Lane237234-176
244Little Court236232-173
245The Temple234231-170
246Alderney Street238236-196
247Sketch after Cecil Lawson's "Swan and Iris"241238-(not in Wedmore)
248The Model346344-(not in Wedmore)
249Trafalgar Square (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
250St James's Park255251-207
252Cottage Door250246-204
253The Seamstress252248-206
254The Bonnet-Shop253249-(not in Wedmore)
255St James's Place, Houndsditch290284-(not in Wedmore 1886)
257Booth at a Fair249245-203
258A Corner of the Palais Royal248243-201
260Little Dordrecht243240-(not in Wedmore)
261The Little Wheelwright's245242-(not in Wedmore)
262Barges, Dordrecht244241-(not in Wedmore)
263The Barber's Shop, Chelsea271268-(not in Wedmore 1886)
264Little Greengrocer's Shop, Chelsea259255-210
265The Little Rag Shop, Milman's Row257253-209
266The Village Sweet Shop251247-205
267Fish Shop, Chelsea264259-214
268Chelsea Embankment260256-211
269Little Steps, Chelsea262258-213
270Marbles284280-(not in Wedmore)
271Two studies of women120127-(not in Wedmore)
272High Street Kensington (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
273Little Maunder's279274-(not in Wedmore)
274Exeter Street280275-(not in Wedmore)
275Old Battersea Bridge, No. 2311305-(not in Wedmore 1886)
276Jubilee Place, Chelsea274327-(not in Wedmore)
277Perambulator, King's Road278272-(not in Wedmore)
278Furniture Shop266262-(not in Wedmore 1886)
279Wimpole Street286278-(not in Wedmore)
280Gates, City, London283279-(not in Wedmore)
281Gray's Inn Place297292-(not in Wedmore)
282The Steps, Gray's Inn295290-(not in Wedmore)
283The Long Seats, Gray's Inn299293-(not in Wedmore)
284The Garden Seat, Gray's Inn (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
285The Young Tree296291-(not in Wedmore)
286The Little Nurse, Grays Inn302297-(not in Wedmore)
287The Hoop (Gray's Inn)301296-(not in Wedmore)
288The Baby, Gray's Inn298295-(not in Wedmore)
289Doorway, Gray's Inn300294-(not in Wedmore)
290The Rag Shop, Milman's Row258254-(not in Wedmore)
291Church Doorway, Edgware303298-(not in Wedmore)
292The Dray Horse247436-(not in Wedmore)
293Wild West: Indians314308-(not in Wedmore 1886)
294Wild West: The Orator313310-(not in Wedmore)
295The Bucking Horse, Wild West315309-(not in Wedmore)
296The Abbey Jubilee316326-(not in Wedmore)
297Bird-Cages, Chelsea276271-(not in Wedmore)
298T. A. Nash's Greengrocer's Shop263260-(not in Wedmore 1886)
299Petticoat Lane285281-(not in Wedmore 1886)
300The Menpes Children261257-212
301Children, Portsmouth323311-(not in Wedmore)
302Dry Docks, Southampton322317-(not in Wedmore 1886)
303The Visitors' Boat320313-(not in Wedmore 1886)
304Bunting324318-(not in Wedmore 1886)
305The Turret Ship321316-(not in Wedmore)
306The Fleet: Monitors318315-(not in Wedmore 1886)
307Troopships319314-(not in Wedmore 1886)
308Dipping the Flag325319-(not in Wedmore 1886)
309The Landing Stage, Cowes328322-(not in Wedmore 1886)
310Her Majesty's Fleet: Evening326320-(not in Wedmore 1886)
311Return to Tilbury327321-(not in Wedmore 1886)
312Tilbury317312-(not in Wedmore)
313Windsor (Memorial)329324-(not in Wedmore 1886)
314Windsor Castle330325-(not in Wedmore)
315Little Chelsea (Memorial)331323-(not in Wedmore 1886)
316Railway Arch, American Square268264-(not in Wedmore 1886)
317Savoy Scaffolding267263-(not in Wedmore 1886)
318Head of Whistler (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
319Salvation Army, Sandwich305300-(not in Wedmore 1886)
320Butcher's Shop, Sandwich, Kent308303-(not in Wedmore)
321The Cock and the Pump304299-(not in Wedmore 1886)
322Double Doorway, Sandwich306301-(not in Wedmore)
323Doorway, Sandwich307302-(not in Wedmore)
324The Ramparts, Sandwich309304-(not in Wedmore)
325The Tow-Path254250-(not in Wedmore)
326St James Street decorated with bunting (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
327J.H. Woods' Fruit Shop, Chelsea265261-(not in Wedmore)
328Rag Shop, St Martin's Lane282277-(not in Wedmore)
329Rag Shop, Milman's Row, Chelsea272267-(not in Wedmore)
330Little Nude Figure340339-(not in Wedmore)
331Two studies of women's heads (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
332Nude Woman Standing123346-(not in Wedmore)
333Young Woman Standing132345-(not in Wedmore)
334Binding the Hair344342-(not in Wedmore)
335Grand'Place, Brussels362354-(not in Wedmore 1886)
336Gold House, Brussels360359-(not in Wedmore)
337House of the Swan, Brussels363360-(not in Wedmore)
338Palaces, Brussels361355-(not in Wedmore 1886)
339Flower Market, Brussels359358-(not in Wedmore)
340The Church - Brussels (Adoration)356352-(not in Wedmore 1886)
341Petite Rue au Beurre, Brussels364363-(not in Wedmore)
342Petite Rue des Bouchers367364-(not in Wedmore)
343High Street, Brussels358357-(not in Wedmore 1886)
344Archway, Brussels366361-(not in Wedmore)
345The Courtyard, Brussels355353-(not in Wedmore 1886)
346The Barrow - Quartier des Marolles, Brussels357356-(not in Wedmore 1886)
347Children's Fruit Barrow365362-(not in Wedmore)
348Charing Cross Bridge310306-(not in Wedmore)
349Fish Women, Ostend349349-(not in Wedmore)
350Market Place, Ostend350439-(not in Wedmore)
351Fishing Quay, Ostend352348-(not in Wedmore)
352The Canal, Ostend353350-(not in Wedmore 1886)
353The Beach, Ostend354347-(not in Wedmore)
354The Market, Bruges351351-(not in Wedmore 1886)
355Melon Shop, Houndsditch293288-(not in Wedmore)
356Nut Shop, St James's Place, Houndsditch291285-(not in Wedmore)
357After the Sale, Clothes Exchange, Houndsditch294289-(not in Wedmore)
358Clothes-Exchange, Houndsditch, No. 1287282-(not in Wedmore 1886)
359Clothes-Exchange, Houndsditch, No. 2288283-(not in Wedmore)
360Fleur-de-lys Passage289286-(not in Wedmore 1886)
361Cutler Street, Houndsditch292287-(not in Wedmore 1886)
362Model Stooping342340-(not in Wedmore)
363'Venus' (Nettie Pettigrew)343341-(not in Wedmore)
364Nora Quinn333329-(not in Wedmore)
365The Fur Tippet: Miss Lenoir334330-(not in Wedmore 1886)
366The Little Hat335331-(not in Wedmore)
367The Fur Cloak - Mrs Herbert332328-(not in Wedmore 1886)
368The Busby437437-(not in Wedmore)
369Lady Colin Campbell (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
370The Little Cloak336332-(not in Wedmore)
371The Japanese Dress337335-(not in Wedmore)
372Resting by the Stove338338-(not in Wedmore)
373Gypsy Baby339337-(not in Wedmore)
374Baby Pettigrew341336-(not in Wedmore)
375The Fan345343-(not in Wedmore)
378Atelier de Bijouterie433430-(not in Wedmore)
379Boot Shop, Ratcliffe Highway (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
380Rag Shop (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
381Merton Villa, Chelsea277273-(not in Wedmore)
382York Street, Westminster270266-(not in Wedmore 1886)
383Rochester Row, Westminster269265-(not in Wedmore 1886)
384Bird Shop - Seven Dials281276-(not in Wedmore)
385Quai de Montebello417366-(not in Wedmore)
386Passages de l'Opéra418367-(not in Wedmore 1886)
387Railway-Station, Voves 371-(not in Wedmore)
388The Market Place, Tours374374-(not in Wedmore)
389Little Market Place, Tours375375-(not in Wedmore)
390Place Daumont, Tours369368-(not in Wedmore)
391Courtyard, Rue P. L. Courier, Tours368369-(not in Wedmore)
392Rue des Bons Enfants, Tours372372-(not in Wedmore)
393The Hangman's House, Tours376376-(not in Wedmore)
394The Sabot Makers, Tours (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
395Hôtel de la Croix Blanche373373-(not in Wedmore)
396Hôtel Lallement, Bourges399398-(not in Wedmore)
397Windows opposite Hotel, Bourges401400-(not in Wedmore)
398Windows, Bourges400399-(not in Wedmore)
399Beatrice Whistler painting from a window, Bourges (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
400Three studies of women's heads (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
401Woman sleeping in a chair (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
402Notre-Dame, Bourges402401-(not in Wedmore)
403Court of the Monastery of St Augustine, Bourges398397-(not in Wedmore)
404Man Fishing (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
405A French Street (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
406Little Linen Shop (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
407The Spanish Balcony: Pigeons (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
408Château de Verneuil, Touraine380381-(not in Wedmore)
409Château de Bridoré378378-(not in Wedmore)
410Château Touraine379379-(not in Wedmore)
411Chancellerie, Loches383383-(not in Wedmore)
412Hôtel de Ville, Loches384384-(not in Wedmore)
413Mairie, Loches382382-(not in Wedmore 1886)
414Tour Saint Antoine, Loches392389-(not in Wedmore)
415Hôtel de la Promenade, Loches391387-(not in Wedmore)
416Doorway, Stables - Loches377377-(not in Wedmore)
417Renaissance Window390391-(not in Wedmore)
418Theatre, Loches387388-(not in Wedmore)
419From Agnes Sorel's Walk, Loches385385-(not in Wedmore)
420View from the chateau walls, Loches (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
421Gateway, Chartreuse, near Loches396395-(not in Wedmore)
422The Door of the Chapel, Montrésor395392-(not in Wedmore)
423Market Women, Loches389--(not in Wedmore)
424Market Women: Turkeys386386-(not in Wedmore)
425Booth, Market Place, Loches388390-(not in Wedmore)
426Chapel on the Hill, Loches (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
427Church Interior (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
428Under the Cathedral, Blois397396-(not in Wedmore)
429The Clock Tower - Amboise394394-(not in Wedmore)
430The Wine Shop, Amboise370370-(not in Wedmore)
431Château d'Amboise393393-(not in Wedmore)
432Children, Amboise381380-(not in Wedmore)
433Hole in the Hill, Amboise (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
434Rue de la Rochefoucault419365-(not in Wedmore)
435Rue de Vannes, Paris439434-(not in Wedmore)
436Café Luxembourg434425-(not in Wedmore)
437Sunflowers, Marché St Germain, Paris422417-(not in Wedmore 1886)
438Marchand de Vin, Paris421429-(not in Wedmore)
439Black Eagle312307-(not in Wedmore)
441Justice Walk, Chelsea275270-(not in Wedmore)
442Shaving and Shampooing273269-(not in Wedmore)
443Little Terrace, Luxembourg Gardens425421-(not in Wedmore)
444The Little Terrace, Luxembourg Gardens, No. 2426423-(not in Wedmore)
445Church, Amsterdam411410-(not in Wedmore)
446Balcony, Amsterdam405404-(not in Wedmore 1886)
447Bridge, Amsterdam409409-(not in Wedmore 1886)
448Little Drawbridge, Amsterdam412405-(not in Wedmore 1886)
449Jews' Quarter, Amsterdam415412-(not in Wedmore)
450The Pierrot407406-(not in Wedmore 1886)
451The Embroidered Curtain410411-(not in Wedmore)
452The Steps, Amsterdam403402-(not in Wedmore 1886)
453The Long House (The Dyers, Amsterdam)406408-(not in Wedmore 1886)
454The Square House, Amsterdam404403-(not in Wedmore 1886)
455The Dance House: Nocturne408407-(not in Wedmore 1886)
456Little Nocturne, Amsterdam414413-(not in Wedmore)
457The Mill413415-(not in Wedmore)
458Zaandam416414-(not in Wedmore 1886)
459Cameo, No. 1 (Mother and Child)347333-(not in Wedmore 1886)
460Cameo, No. 2348334-(not in Wedmore)
461Mallarmé (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
462Stéphane Mallarmé (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
463Bébés, Jardin du Luxembourg428420-(not in Wedmore)
464Under the Statue, Luxembourg Gardens (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
465Balustrade, Luxembourg Gardens427422-(not in Wedmore)
466The Band, Luxembourg Gardens (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
467Polichinelle, Jardin du Luxembourg430424-(not in Wedmore)
469Emanuel Hospital (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
470Trixie (Mrs Beatrice Whistler)441438-(not in Wedmore)
471Greengrocer's Shop, Paris424427-(not in Wedmore)
472Château pres Paimpol (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
473The Pantheon from the Terrace, Luxembourg Gardens429419-(not in Wedmore)
474Newspaper-Stall, Rue de Seine432426-(not in Wedmore)
475Confections pour Dames (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
476A building with an arched window (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
477Antony's Print Shop, Rue de Seine431428-(not in Wedmore)
478Robert BarrApp. IVApp. V-(not in Wedmore)
479Mrs J. Birnie Philip (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
480Carpet Menders, Paris420416-(not in Wedmore 1886)
481Mme Pelletier, Blanchisserie, Paris438433-(not in Wedmore)
482Marchand de Meubles, Rue du Four435431-(not in Wedmore)
483Boulevard Poissonière, Paris423418-(not in Wedmore)
484Café Corazza, Paris436432-(not in Wedmore)
485Marchande de Vin, Ajaccio (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
486Bohemians442440-(not in Wedmore)
488Sleeping Child, Ajaccio (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)
490Flaming Forge (not in Mansfield)(not in Thomas)(not in Wedmore)